Témoignages d'utilisateurs

Benoît T.
Super cable!! Très beau travail fait mains. Bravo! Merci encore pour le très bon service et pour tout les messages courriels
Marcel P.
Very nice cable. My previous cables picked up lots of noise. Now all is quiet except the sound of my bass
Eric L.
Very happy with the guitar cable as well as with the service. Thank you Felix for an outstanding product.
Victor R.
Cable arrived today, plugged in to my guitar & noticed an immediate improvement in tone Will defiantly be buying another cable from Transit Lab
John L.
Incredibly beautiful highest quality custom made cable. Who can ask for more?!
Andreas j. K.
Incredible cables Fantastic build My guitars sound huge, these cables are the best of the best. Absolutely luv these cables Incredible service Incredible quality Incredible high fidelity sound I will definitely buy all my cables from transit lab from now on.
- Joseph patrick W.
I was so impressed with the quality of the DPA by Transit Labs, that I purchased one for a friend who has a studio and appreciates high quality and unique gear. I was able to work with the owner of transit labs to custom order special colors that matched my friends studio art. On top, Felix allowed me to preview the different custom weaves I could choose from—amazing . Needless to say my friend was blown away by his bday gift
Richard K.

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